Flight School

The goal of this routine is to hit each of your chosen targets 5 times in under 45 minutes.

Skills: Targeting


Min: Favorite Double, T20, Next Favorite Double

Max: Add as many targets as you'd like


Start by shooting at your favorite double. If any of your three darts hit it throw your remaining darts at the next target. On your next turn throw at the target you were on. If you hit it move onto the next target. Until the end of the routine you will not throw more than 5 darts at any one target. Never throw more than 5 darts at the same target and move to the next target as soon as you hit the target you are aiming at. Continue through the process until you hit all of your chosen targets 5 times. This is a timed process. Record the time it takes you to complete the routine. As you get better you will need to add targets to your list. If you are consistently and easily finishing the routine in well under 45 minutes then you should definitely add targets to your list. You want to have enough targets so that you are pushing the 45 minute boundary. If you go over 45 minutes, don't get discouraged, record that time and if you are consistently running into this issue then simply remove a target or two from your list until you are able to get back to where you feel you should be.

Example: Your targets are D16, T20, D20. You start by throwing at the D16. Your first dart misses. Throw at the D16 again. Your second dart hits it. Throw your third dart at the T20. Your third dart misses. On your next turn you start with the T20 since you did not hit it with your last dart. All three darts miss. Your next turn up you throw at D20. And so on.

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