Pro Doubles

The goal of this routine is to hit every double on the board in as few darts as possible.

Skills: Doubles


Double 1 - Double 20 and the Bullseye


Start by throwing 1 dart at Double 1. Whether you hit it or not, throw your next dart at Double 2. Then throw your third dart at Double 3. If you hit any of these your next turn will start with the doubles you missed and end with the next number. For example, you miss the Double 1, hit the Double 2 and miss the Double 3. Your next turn would be at Double 1, Double 3, Double 4. Proceed this way, never throwing more than one dart at a target per turn, until you have hit all 21 targets. Toward the end of the routine it is ok to throw more than one dart at the same target. If there are only two targets left then naturally you will have to throw two darts at the same target.

This routine focuses on switching targets to go out that are at different locations on the dart board.

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