Shoot Out

Score as many points as possible on numbers previously not hit.

Skills: Fun


1-20 and Bull/Bullseye.


Over 8 turns (24 darts) try to hit each number on the board. Each number can only be hit once. Once a number is hit it is opened and can no longer be scored. Your score is calculated as "Number Hit" X "Single/Double/Triple" X "Number of Opened Areas". So, if your first three darts were T1,D2,S3, in that order, your score would be 1x3x1=3, 2x2x2=8, 3x1x3=9, making your total score for the round 18 (3+8+9). If you hit a T20 with 5 open targets, your score for that dart would be 20x3x5, resulting in 300 points added to your score. It sounds more complicated than it is. The closer toward the end of the game, the better chance for higher scoring. The multipliers may become 20 times or more toward the end of the game, so the trick is to aim at the lower numbers when the multipliers are low at the beginning; and reserve the higher numbers for the larger multipliers at the end. If you hit all 21 targets before you throw 24 darts you will be awarded with a Bull Bonus Round where you can score more points by hitting the Bull/Bullseye with your remaining darts.

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